Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New ID Tag!

I got new jewelry! A new charm for my necklace! (I’ll translate to human for you: I got a new name/ID tag on my collar.)

Here’s the thing ~ my old one wore down so much, that if I got lost (and I’ve been known to chase after a squirrel or two), then no one would be able to read my parent’s phone number, and that would not be good. Seriously, I’ve worked hard to train them to my standards – they never eat a meal without giving me a taste of their food, I get the best spot on their bed to sleep every night, and they’ve been taught to know my looks ~ i.e. the “time for a treat” look, the “time for a belly rub” look, the “time to play” look ~ you get the idea.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

My two best friends!

I have two friends that I’ll miss when we travel, but hopefully they’ll visit sometime.

My first friend since joining Suzanne & Brad was Sophie – she’s a bit older than me and doesn’t like to play, but we hang just fine. We’ve actually had lots of sleep-overs – we get to stay at each other's house when one of our families goes away and can’t take us with them. (The nerve!)

My second best friend is Sascha – she’s much younger than me and we can play all day! We wrestle, tug, chase – and it’s fun, fun, fun! She has a lot of energy, and after she and I are finished playing, it’s time for a looong nap.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

More About Me

So here’s a bit more about me……….

Things I like:

· Food! Yum! I’ll eat almost anything – I especially like things I find on the sidewalks when we go for walks. As far as human food, I like almost everything – meat, of course, but veggies and apples too!

· Going for walks, runs & hikes. I run a lot slower when on leash – gotta slow down for my Dad.

· The beach! Ahhhh.......the freedom to run off-leash, chase the seagulls and roll in their poop – nothing finer!

· Belly rubs!!! Need I say more?

· Sleeping on Mom & Dad’s bed. Cozy~cozy~cozy!

· Finding a nice sunny spot for my mid-morning nap (that’s the nap between waking in the morning and my early-afternoon nap).

Things I don’t like:

· The vet – duh!

· Loud noise, especially fireworks and thunderstorms. I do wonder about the latter on the road…….

· Baths – I smell just fine, thank you very much!

If I ruled the world…....

  • I’d get a pet squirrel and chase it all day every day.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Bit About Me

Well, this is my first blog post, which is difficult to do since I have no thumbs. Let me tell you a bit about myself – I was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society in January, 2010 by a great couple – Suzanne and Brad ( They named me Zoey (I like the name) and we’ve been buds ever since. I’ve very excited these days because they just told me some thrilling news! We’re going to travel full-time in our RV – we’ll explore the US and Canada together, sniff new smells together, try new foods together (I always get a scrap or two), and just hang together and have fun.

Come back to my blog now-and-again ~ I’ll share with you some more things about myself over the next few weeks, and tell you all about our exciting travels once we hit the road next month.