Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to the Agility Course!


Now that my tooth is all healed from my yucky root canal, I can once again play at the Agility Course! here I am, practicing STAY (which I must say isn't very fun).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Will Someone Play With Me...Please?


I'm bored. I'm not allowed to chew my favorite rawhides since my root canal, I"m not allowed to tear apart toys for the same reason...............I'm bored!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Look! Here’s my tooth!

 Well, yesterday started off like any other day……..breakfast, drink, a bit of play and belly rubs, and a walk. But while walking, my Dad noticed that my lower, left canine was looking funny – in fact, it was sticking out of my mouth! Next thing I know, I’m at the vet! Then I hear something about “too tough a job for him” and “doggie dentist!” No way! Then we’re back in the truck, and I was thinking, “Ahhh….they forgot about the doggie dentist and we’re going to the agility course,” but no! We went to the animal dental specialist. Now, I will say that everyone was real nice, but I did not enjoy my time there! Seems as if when I was tugging (probably Sunday morning), I broke my canine tooth.**

So next thing I know – it’s root canal time! Yes, you read right – a root canal! Now I don’t remember much, but I remember going to the back room with a nice woman, then waking up with my mouth hurting and my tongue in a weird spot, feeling funny like it didn’t fit in my mouth right anymore. Mom & Dad picked me up (and when they saw the bill – yikes! I had better be on my best, and I mean my absolutely best, behavior for the next day or so) and I got to go home that same day.

Today I feel much better – I ate my breakfast, drank a ton, and have been sleeping lots. I’m trying to look extra-special cute, even pathetic if possible (keeping in mind the bill), but I’m sure within a day or two I’ll be back to my old self, looking for a toy to destroy.

Oh, I did put my tooth under my pillow last night, but the tooth fairy did not seem to come……..


** A bit of history – when I was adopted by my current Mom & Dad, my teeth looked horrible.  Now I know what happened, but of course I can’t articulate as much, but their theory (and that of the veterinarians they’ve asked over the years), is that in my previous home I was kenneled inappropriately and chewed on the wire kennel compulsively, causing some serious teeth damage, especially the back of my canines – both upper & lower. This has caused weakness in those teeth, thus the strange breakage.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am an Awesome Jumper on the Agility Course!!!


No, I'm not conceited, but have you been reading this blog lately? I am great at TUNNELING, great at THE RAMP, and now getting better (I'll admit, not great yet) at JUMP!!! Now that we've found this agility course, I go a few times a week. Lucky, lucky me!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Agility Fun & Games!


Here I am on THE RAMP!  We went back to the fun agility course this morning and I had so much fun!  I still enjoyed TUNNEL and even did some jumping (pictures of that another time) and now I am an expert on THE RAMP! I went up and down and up and down and up and down...... You get the idea! There are even more fun things there to learn as well - I overheard Mom & Dad saying that we'll go again this week - I cannot wait!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Am an Agility Dog!!

Oh yeah.... check me out!  We went to a nearby RV park that has a whole section just for doggie fun and Mom & Dad to me on the agility course.  Now I'm a newbie, but I LOVED the tunnel!  I found treats in it, and when I bounded out, there were more treats!  There was a promise of going back, maybe on Sunday, and I have goals - jumping over barriers, walking on a high platform, and more!